The story behind the art.

It began with an idea…

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far away Cale Turpen dreamed of pressing machines to skin and creating some of the most breathtaking body art that anyone had ever seen. Day after day, grinding away at this job and that (even as a nightclub bouncer!) all the while harboring that deep desire to live out his ultimate “dream gig.” 

Fast forward to 2009, Cale FINALLY gets an opportunity to apprentice at a popular Tulsa tattoo studio. He put in 7 great years there, all the while traveling coast-to-coast and internationally showcasing his amazing talents. Then in 2015, among several strange (and some would say lucky) twists of fate, Turpen was able to open the doors on his very own studio, Geek Ink. 

Being able to meld his two favorite universes: Tattooing and Nerdery.

An avid, die hard, absolutely dedicated Star Wars fan, you’ll notice the numerous Star Wars references around the entire shop. Amassing his collectibles alongside his body art masterpieces. Joining him are some of Tulsa’s most talented artists and their ever expanding floor space and guest artists, Geek Ink is bringing back the attention Tulsa deserves in the Tattoo world. 

Writing the next pages in this sci-fi tattoo fantasy, is up to you. 

our artists

The roster of artists that Geek Ink makes available to our customers continues to be the most sought after group of tattooists in Northeast Oklahoma. With specialties in old school, new school, black & white, portrait and full color tattoos, we have someone who can bring your body art dream to life. 

In addition to our artists, we regularly bring in artists from around the world that have unique talents in specific tattoo styles. All of our artists are also available (schedule pending) for guest spots at tattoo studios from coast-to-coast, just inquire.

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enter nerd-dom 7 days a week

monday thru friday

1pm til 10 pm

while walk-ins are accepted

we highly encourage each and every customer to visit with their artist ahead of time and schedule a specific block on the calendar for the best tattoo results.

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