Our Fans Love Us.

Great staff, Very helpful. Talented artists. Be ready to book an appointment a few weeks out depending on what work you're getting done.
Michael Champlin
22:17 19 Jun 18
I had Jessie Heart as my artist and she was fantastic! I gave her a few photos and an idea of what I wanted, and what she came up with I couldn't be happier! Even a few months later, the details are sharp and dark! She also works very quickly which I'm not used to; she finished both of my collars in an hour (and that includes a couple of breaks!) Very talented, and everyone at the shop was friendly. Thank you all!
Maddie May
20:08 30 May 18
Anthony took my idea and turned it into something fierce. He has a very steady hand and my linework was sharp and crisp. I'm going back next month for the fill-in. Can't wait!!!
Brenda New
21:24 23 May 18
Great experience. Definitely going to go back for more tattoos. Love the atmosphere as well
Melena Clausen
14:04 15 Apr 18
Worked with Trigger so far. Great experience. Can't wait to get more tattoos! Looking forward to working with the different artists to meet the various styles of my planned tattoos. Update! Got two tattoos witg Sonya and she was fantastic! So easy to talk to and her work is beautiful!
Kitty Redden
03:46 08 Apr 18
Jessie was absolutely awesome. Great deal on basically a half sleeve, took one good session to complete. And the staff was helpful and very interactive. Definitely gonna go back for my next tat.
Exodus B
04:41 21 Feb 18
This place is amazing - the best not just in B.A., but in Oklahoma. I brought my idea of a complex science sleeve to Cale, the owner, and he was all over it. I just brought in a lot of pictures of the elements I wanted to be in it and he worked it into art at extremely fair prices. Not done yet, but I included a pic of the progress so far. This is going to be on you forever, so pick the best talent you can. GeekInk is it.
Joshua Orvis
17:13 26 Jan 18
Cale and his crew are honestly some of the best in Oklahoma when it comes to tattooing. They’re all really personable and easy to work with. I gave Cale a reference photo for an arm piece I wanted, and he really ran with it and gave me more than I was expecting. Sonya has also tattooed me several times there, and she’s just really stoked to do whatever you throw at her.
Mecha Micah
16:29 26 Jan 18
Cale and his staff are amazing! I can’t speak highly enough about them all. My call my experience tattoo therapy! His staff also offers a variety of styles so any of the tattoo artist should fit you. They are are fairly easy to get into and their price are great! I have and will continue to recommend anyone to their shop!
Kelli Braitsch
06:32 24 Jan 18
Was in the shop yesterday getting a awesome piece done by Rickie Lemons. He is one hell of an artist. Well worth the wait. Everyone in the shop were amazing. Made me feel right at home. What a great bunch of talented people. Can't wait to go back again and again! Thank you all so much for a great experience.
Trish Wilkins Buckley
I had a very very good experience here yesterday when my mom and I went in for some ink. The staff was very nice, helpful, and down to earth. Made it very easy to decide on what we wanted and I also respect that there was honesty from them and they explained why something may or may not work out like we were thinking. It was very respectful, some artist would have just took our money and done it anyways not caring what it would have ended up looking like overall. So that was very big in my books. I highly recommend anyone to them. Thanks alot guys, we loved our end results and enjoyed the entire experience. Y'all rock!
Brittany M Thornton
Hands down the best artists and shop in this part of the state, maybe the whole state. There’s not a single piece you could want that they won’t have somebody that’ll specialize in that style. I love neo-traditional and Trigger does an amazing job at it! They don’t kill you on the price either. It’s a great experience here, very friendly.
Don Paige III
I had researched all of Tulsa's tatoo places and Geek Ink was the one that impressed me the most for my 1st tattoo. Luckily they had time for a walk in today. Anthony was so freaking awesome! He was very nice and I enjoyed visiting as he worked. As an artist myself (and I'm VERY picky) he began with hand drawing the piece which impressed me. His talent is extremely impressive! As for the rest of the building and employees, it all met my standards. It was a pleasant experience and I can't wait to get another by him!
Cheryl True
Cale is amazing. Been working on a leg sleeve for half a year now and I fall more in love with his work every month. I highly Recommend coming here. Great shop!
Monica Lynn
Love this place. Cale always does an amazing job and everyone is so friendly. Don’t plan on going anywhere else!
Kristan Kricket Zollars
I’ve gotten my chest tattooed and my wife has gotten 2 tattoos done. Always great. Cool staff and shop. Would highly recommend and will definitely be back
Corey Strickland
Matt was so awesome! My tattoo took a little over 5 hours and he was so easy to talk to and funny & was not awkward at all! And my tattoo is amazing! I’m so in love with it!
Courtney Burris
Came here before hated my experience, went back today and Cale fixed me right up no questions asked. He also did amazing with my rib tattoo!! I was super nervous and picky but he made sure I was satisfied before leaving. Thank you!!
Jessica Grandy
Everyone at the shop rocks! Their work is amazing and diverse so you can always find what you're looking for. I recommend them to everyone.
Tryssani Bennett
Worth the wait! I have been waiting a couple years to get a tattoo that was exactly how I had imagined and finally went to Cale. He did an amazing job! Better than I imagined!
Ashley Amanda Henderson
Best shop and friendliest staff! And the talent? Chock full it’ll power all the lightsabers for thousands of Jedi! True story! Pick any one and you’ll be so happy you chose to go here that it will make you run all down riverside to the blue dome showing it off to every cyclist, runner and homeless guy you see!! I Personally use Cale Turpen(tine) that’s how I say his name in my head. I proudly own 6 pieces of his skin art currently and hope to have my body covered before he retires or becomes so famous I can no longer get in to see him. So if you are looking for a blow your mind portrait or a micro heart, cause those are so darn cute and a good first tattoo, then give my favorite ink therapist a ring-a-ling!! You won’t be sorry! (Just a little sore)😆
Jamey Zuniga
The atmosphere, cleanliness, professionalism, and quality of work is unmatched in the Tulsa area. I've got multiple tattoos here, and will continue to get more, and refer everyone I know. Thanks again!!
Jason Weiner
Jessie did a badass Star Wars tattoo for my fiance! It's perfect. Very professional, got in when we wanted to, and competitively priced. It has healed beautifully. We will absolutely be back!
Alex Winland
Honestly this place has me spoiled. It would be way hard for me to go anywhere else. 10/10 WOULD RECOMMEND �
Kelcie Swope
Sonya did an amazing job on my Midian Sigil (from Nightbreed) yesterday. Can't wait to show it off to Simon Bamford, Nicholas Vince, Doug Bradley and Clive Barker in a few months!
Lori Markle Bische
Super awesome people! I have been a few times. Get my ink from Cale. Great customer service, never been disappointed! Totally recommend anyone at Geek Ink for the best tattoos!
Payton Blackford
Went there for the flash sale to benefit Legacy of Hope. Everyone I met was really friendly, and seemed to know quite a bit. My tattoo looks amazing! Thanks guys.
Shannon Carter
I love this shop. It is the only shop that makes everyone feel welcomed. It’s a nerd paradise and the staff is amazing. Get your ink here.
Stephen Brown
Cale and his staff are amazing! I can’t speak highly enough about them all. My call my experience tattoo therapy! His staff also offers a variety of styles so any of the tattoo artist should fit you. They are are fairly easy to get into and their price are great! I have and will continue to recommend anyone to their shop!
Kelli Wrae
Best shop in Tulsa hands down. Cale is one of the premier artists in the country, his color work is insane!
Ben Liggett
I went in yesterday and got 2 tattoos done by sonya. She is awesome!! I will definitely be going back to her for more work in the future.
Nicole Shell Dorsey
Went in for an appointment with Sonya a few days ago. I absolutely recommend her! I took in a picture of a necklace design I adored and it came out beautifully! Especially on what I imagine is not an easy area to work on with my super thick skin, which caused it to take twice as long... sorry about that girl! She was ultra considerate of my pain tolerance and comfort levels, which was absolutely appreciated and put me right at ease. I also asked about a last minute piece idea that she made sure to fit in. They're both healing now and I'm really proud to carry her work with me! Super clean, super friendly, and definitely worth every cent! Hubby has an appointment with Cale for his first piece and I'm already excitedly planning my next piece of art! Love your shop!!!
Sara Davis
Very professional Artists that work there. They really listen to what you want and if your not sure they help you with some amazing ideals. I would highly recommend this Tattoo Shop.
Shirley Clifton Mitchell
I’ve been in here 4 times. 2 to book my appointments, and 2 to get my two beautiful tattoos. For my first tattoo, I was really, really nervous. I have a horrible fear of needles! I had a wonderful tattoo artist who talked to me during it and helped me size it and everything. I felt like I had total control. I love my first tattoo to pieces, and it healed so easily for a not easily healing person such as myself! And that was in 2016. Onto this year, I go in, because I want a mountain tattoo. My tattoo artist from last year was booked all the way into next year. That’s how good he was! So I decide to go with Trigger, who is fantastic. He talked to me about my money worries and etc, he was super understanding, and super good at art. Tattoo day; he helped me change the tattoo a bit because the stars above the mountain to more beautiful stars, he drew them himself. He always asked when I was in pain during the tattoo, since it hurt more than my first one, and he stopped before going onto the second part of the tattoo, a dot pattern, which I was thankful for because, I liked it better without! I really recommend this place, it’s super uber friendly, understanding, super sterilized, and very artistic. Honestly I will be getting more tattoos here in the future and I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Caitlin Tresa Suarez
I went for the Friday the 13th promo they were doing. I was concerned that in the rush to try and get people in and get them done they might rush the art. But by the time I was at the front of the line I decided I was getting one after waiting 4 1/2 hours. Cale got myself and me friend done in a timely manner but it didn't feel rushed and my tattoo looks amazing! He was super patient with my friend who was extremely anxious with it being her first tattoo. It was such an amazing experience and I definitely plan on being a return customer.
Kate Satterfield
Sonya was able to get me in last minute appointment for a memorial tattoo for my sons birthday. Absolutely in love with my Black Pearl Pirate Ship! Everyone here is sooo incredibly nice! My husband and I have definitely found us a wonderful group of talented artist that we will forever be loyal to for all future tattoos!! Thank you so much!
Brandy McGuire
Geek Ink Tattoo is a great shop with fantastic artists! Jessie Heart gave me one badass Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest tattoo today and I absolutely love it! She was extremely professional and punctual. If you want a bad ass piece of art on your body it's definitely worth the wait time to get an appointment with her! Save yo pennies book in advance and you will not be disappointed!!
Jenny Barnett Lee
Pictures are indeed better than words! The art is incredible and makes me want my 1st ink at 62❣️❣️❣️ How do you even choose is what I want to know.
Corliss Hudson
Best shop in Oklahoma, the crew at Geek Ink is unbeatable. Trigger has done 3 tattoos for my wife and I and Sonya is currently working on my wife's watercolor.
Adam N Carrie Southern
The place to go to for anything you want done! The staff are nice, the shop is clean, and the work from each artist is amazing!
Rachel White
My wife and I went in for a 3 hour session. It went by in what seemed like 30 minutes. Trigger handled my wife's cover up with diligence. We enjoyed his company and amazing skill. Thanks Geek Ink for the fantastic experience. We will be back soon!
Chris Coultas
Very clean and classy. Trigger did an awesome job and was very friendly. I will definitely be having more work done here! Thank you!
Blair Baulch
Awesome shop. Looks like my house. FULL of nerdy collectibles. Cale took a picture I found and loved and made it soooo much better than I could've imagined.
Don Alam
I love the tattoo i got from Geek Ink and Trigger. Its without a doubt the best tattoo i have. I will definitely be going back.
Tony Campana
It was fantastic to have found this place. Kale did my tattoo and man he worked on some shading like no other I have seen before. I still have another session to finish it, but even if it stayed like this I'd be happy. I enjoyed geeking out with them about comics and movies as well. They really know their shit. 10/10 would go again. I hope to get many more after this.
Yussel Garcia
Been here 3 times to get tattooed by Sonya and Cale and the place is awesome. Great atmosphere and talented artists.
Eric Mical
Sonya did an awesome job for my husband and I! Even though we were walk-ins, she took the time to draw up exactly what I wanted then did the same for my husband. We got completely opposite designs, I got water color and he got an awesome skull and both pieces were perfect ���
Kristen Mobley
Sonya did awesome on my tattoo!! She was very helpful with giving advice and helping me decide what would look best, she went above and beyond on what I was looking for and I am absolutely in love with the outcome!
Jenn Allen
Enjoyed the time I spent here. Got a great tattoo by a good artist and for a good cause - Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue.
Teresea Whitford
I traveled an hour and a half from OKC to get some flash art by Sonya today and let me tell you, IT. WAS. WORTH. THE. TRIP! This might just me my new favorite tattoo place to go. I would gladly make the trip again in the future. I absolutely love my new little unicorn tattoo and everyone there is super nice and fellow nerds. Looking to have that geek/fandom tattoo done, these are your people! Can't wait to go back!
Chia Dennis
Reunited and it feels soooo good! �� Cale has done all the work on my sleeve went in Monday and added some color and a new piece, glad to see my man with his own shop!
Ryan Reif
Well if you like nerdy shit and badass tattoos then this is the place for you. Cale does top notch work . Everyone there is friendly and cool as hell. I'll be getting the rest of my tattoos here for life.
John Jeeper
This is a great place to get ink done. I love my tattoo by Nico. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for great artwork.
Ami Meyer
Sonya is amazing! She does amazing work and I couldn't be happier with my new tattoo. I will continue to come back for all of my tattoos from now on and let everyone know that they shouldn't go anywhere else either!
Kenny Jones
This is just an all around solid shop! I was treated so well by all the staff i met! The owner is a really solid guy along with the rest of the staff! Keep it up your making your city more beautiful one tattoo at a time!
Sweetloaf Anania
5/4/2017Cale and Sonya are exceptionally talented. It was an absolute pleasure to meet them. Cale did my tattoo, and man is he gifted. Excellent use of color. His passion for the craft and all things geeky are contagious. It was fun to geek out during the session. Everyone who works here is personable, and all around good fun. I found my new tattoo home. 6/10/2017 Had the honor of having Sonya do a tattoo for me. Her attention to detail, recommendations, and color work are exceptional. Talented is an understatement when discussing her. I am looking forward to many more sessions at Geek Ink. We are blessed to have so much talent in one shop. Thanks you guys, and Sonya, you're are exceptional. I'm already excited to design our next endeavor. 11/03/2017 To date, Sonya has done one additional tatto for me. An amazingly well done Samhain that was black and grey with a splash of red. It came out absolutely stunning. Today, I was fortunate to have Trigger put needle to skin on me and am dumbstruck at how absolutely stunning it turned out. It’s my first traditional piece, and Trigger blew it out of the water. I have never been a huge fan of traditional, until I saw this piece and saw Triggers work. He is definitely talented. I love this shop. I recommend it to everyone. You’re family here. Not just a customer. You can talk geek while you wait. Me and another client shared our stories and would check each other’s progress during our session breaks. The talent level here is ridiculous.
Matt Ryan
We just got a tattoo from Niko! Absolutely amazing! It was my moms first and he did a great job! He has a very light hand! Will be going back for more from him soon!
Amber Pinkney
My daughter got her first tattoo from Nico and I was blown away! It is incredible, now to get another for myself! �
Amy Houston
The best in the area! Very fun people, easy to get along with and excellent tattoo work. METICULOUSLY CLEAN. You couldn't ask for a better crew. If you want it done right the first time, go to Geek Ink Tattoo.
Jerzy Milner
Cale and crew are incredible talents. The shop is always neat and clean and the staff is amazing. It's the only place in the area I trust. They never disappoint!
Reggie LaBelle
I had a great experience here! Nearly a year later, and I still love my artwork!! Super clean, professional, and talented!
Rayna Sullins
I've gotten three tattoos from here and all done by Nico! He's amazing at what he does and I'll never go anywhere else!
Tammy Fisher
Cale did an amazing job covering an unwanted tattoo with a classy spin on my idea brought to him. Will be booking next appointment soon. Thank you!
Rochelle Epperson
Cale is the one who did my tattoo and did an amazing job!! It is defiantly worth waiting to go to him. The detialing he does is like nothing I have seen before and I have received many compliments on just the detailing alone already!
Shayla Greenlee
this place was great the two that were working Saturday Nico and Im sorry i didnt get the other guys name, but they were working thier butts off not only Tattooing but answering phones. Nico was great to work with i gave a drawing with some notes and reworked it to look great. I will be back May the 4th is just around the corner and i think this Stormtrooper needs a little friend
Michael Snap
Came in and saw Anthony. First time getting a tattoo and I'm never going anywhere else as long as I'm in this state. Anthony really gave my idea life and the result is so much better than I ever thought possible. The bird really looks like it has the texture of feathers and fluffiness. The colors and shading are just astounding. The shop was pristine clean and Anthony was really nice and great. Definitely felt at home here!
Brynn Jellison
Yesterday was my first time coming in to Geek Ink, and it won't be the last. Sonya did my tattoo and I'm so blown away with how it came out. Great people, atmosphere and work! I think I found my new shop!
Jordan Maldonado
I wanted a tattoo in memory of a furbaby I lost a year ago. I wrt in and had Trigger to design it and do the work because he's done lots of work on my son. He's amazing! If you want something special, go see him! He's the best!
Kristi Plummer Minton
I did lots of looking around before I went to Geek Ink and I found Nicos work and loved it. I ended up making an appointment with Nico and had a tattoo done by him! He is super honest, and really laid back. He's pretty accurate on timing and price. I would recommend him to anyone! He is a great person and artist!! Loving my tattoo (:
Raimie Hoover
First time in this place and I loved it. Nico was awesome and helped me out with what I was looking for and did an amazing job on the peice. Definitely recommend geek ink and this is where I will have more work done.
Christopher Ehle
I love going to see nico. He has done 3 individual tattoos and we are now working on a half sleeve. And I love them all. After this I will need to try trigger Sonya and cale at least once.
Heather Marsh
I came in today with my boyfriend and we both got tattoos by Sonya the apprentice. She did an absolutely amazing job. During the tattoos her teacher Cale looked at them, and was very professional and nice about things she needed to fix. This place has a great environment, and all of the artists are extremely friendly. Definitely my favorite place to go!
Nacho Rachelle
Went in for my first tattoo yesterday. I have waited far too long. Nico was a cool dude. Could not be happier with the way my tat turned out and it is healing beautifully! It was well worth the wait. Environment was very laid back. Friendly staff and clean establishment. Thanks again Nico!
Thomas Martin
Yesterday was my first time coming to this establishment. It was suggested that I go to Nico. The friday the 13th special was a huge hit..The line was long but my bf, drag bro and I were one of the firsts in line. The artists Kep em pumping so we didn't get to choose who we got. I got lucky and got Nico! Yay! He was great and very friendly. I love my cat tat! Everyone was so friendly there and the shop was awesome and clean! Thanks Geek Ink!
Dayna E VanHauen
Despite the long line for the Friday the 13th cheap tats. They were fast with great attitudes and an up beat feel to the store. Everything was very clean and professional. And the artist does an awesome job. He was highly skilled with surprisingly lite hand so it didn't really hurt.
Emily Patrick
Took my daughter here for her 1st tattoo. Very good staff and awesome atmosphere. The work was excellent! I'll be visiting for myself soon!
Danny Crockett
Very clean and professional facility and staff. Excellent talent without the intimidating attitude of some tattoo shops. I've been to Geek Ink for 3 sessions so far and I couldn't be happier with the results and quality of the work. I highly recommend this place. If you're looking for a comfortable atmosphere with plenty of experience and skill, this it it! Love this place!
Joshua Hanke
Fun atmosphere and really nice/talented guys! Nico did an amazing job on my tattoo and took the time to really customize it to make it special. Thank you for the awesome experience! I will definitely be back for my next piece!
Meg Bowen
This is my 7th tattoo (first from here) and Trigger did a fantastic job on it. Great place and everyone is friendly. Definitely would recommend going here to get ink done!
Jesse Smith
Thanks to Nico for his incredible work. My first tattoo experience and I wanted a tribute to our family farm. I knew it would be good but he blew me away. Thanks Nico and Geek Ink!
Jon Studdard
My wife and I got tattoos by Nico and we are very pleased. His line work and use of colors is the best I have seen. We will continue to use Nico for all of our future tattoos and I highly recommended you to go to him also.
Leslie Cook
Got my very first tattoo here. They were SO friendly and did a great job. Made it super easy and welcoming for a newbie. Their work speaks for itself (amazing) and the atmosphere is the best. <3
Krista Campbell
Ever since ive had Cale start doing my tattoos, he is my go to guy. I have a very low pain tolerance, and the first time he tattooed me i actually passed out. Cale was nice enough to work with me through it, and made sure i was good to go. A couple tattoos later and i can actually relax and nap during a session. Great place, great prices, and all around a fantastic shop. Have never met a group more passionate about their profession. **edited to add** I have since been getting stuff done by the other artist at this shop, and have gotten even more addicted to my needle therapy. Will keep coming back here until i have no room left to tattoo!
Sadie Dawn Caress
Fantabulous job!! Everybody is so friendly! Will definitely be going back for my next tattoo. Nico did a wonderful job on my first one.
Megan Miller
Trigger did my grandkids names and I have had zero issues. Still looks brand new. Super clean shop, plenty of autoclaves and alcohol so no skin issues.
Stephen Brown
Great experience for my first tattoo! Cale is the bomb, made me feel comfortable and excited to get another tat!! Thanks for your help and positivity in the process!!! Go here ASAP!
Ashley Kimberly Rorex
I don't remember the day I got my tattoo, but it was my first and they were extremely nice about it, and continually asked if I was okay throughout. They're very wonderful people, and I couldn't be happier with my tattoo.
Alex Bevans
My tattoo looks great, everyone at the shop was super nice and my tattoo artist, Cale, did a great job. I'm definitely coming here for my next tattoo. 🙂
Kaity Lee
Friendly, talented, true artists. I had a great experience in a very chill atmosphere. They make you feel imediately comfortable and are very nice. Nico did my work and im very happy and impressed. I highly recommend there shop to everyone.
Amber LeeAnn Hill
Great place to get a tattoo! The tattoo artists all have a passion for doing great art! The shop has a good vibe and has become known (locally) as a cool place for checking out comic art (even some signed pieces)! Anthony Winters is very calm and easy going with his clients. Be sure to check out his work. He is working on a big cover up for me and is doing a great job! Highly recommend him (or anyone else at Geek Ink)!
Shawn McKinnon
Nico is my go to guy! Went to him at a different shop but will definitely follow him here! Awesome and talented dude!
Morgan Neilson
Trigger was light handed and didn't mind talking or singing as he worked, made the whole experience worth it!
Misty Dick
I just got my first tattoo yesterday and it was done by Trigger. Everyone there is super cool, never makes you feel rushed and answers all your questions. If you're looking for a tattoo place look no further!
Margaret Klonecki
I wanted to say thank you for doing my tattoo today you guys are awsome. Special thanks to trigger he did mine and I almost cried in the store because it brought so much meaning to me my brother just came home from Afghanistan and my other brother was in the Navy and you guys brought to life a big piece of my life I will definitely be back to get more ink for the rest of my family. Thank you so much for the tattoo I've wanted it for so long and now I can carry my brothers where ever I go.
Samantha Nicole
Amazing!! I got a tattoo tonight and they all were so much fun. Everything was sterile and they were just an awesome experience! Definitely going back in the future!! Cale is a tattoo master!!!
Brienne Higgins
Awesome shop! Wouldn't trust anyone else to tattoo me. Cale T. Is the man! If you want a piece of art then Geek Ink is the place to go.
Fred Nelson
By far the best place I've gotten a tattoo. Cale did suck a wonderful job. It turned out just the way I imagined it would!
Madi Purcell
Great place to go to. Great atmosphere, did a great job on the details in a quick and efficient manner.
David Repicky
Cale is an amazing artist! He takes his time in doing the details in his work and is super nice. Clean area and everyone is quick to greet any customer that walks in. Im so proud of my tattoo and very happy with my experience at Geek Ink 🙂 Will definitely be back in the future.
Kimbra Scallorn
For such a small tattoo that I got for their Deadpool Valentine's Day special, Cale took his time on it regardless and it looks super rad. Highly recommend them, they are really cool dudes there.
Micha Bradley
They are wonderful artists & people! I've gotten two tattoos done there now and I love them. Couldn't be happier with the artists!
Mychala Ann Erlenbach-Ayers
Thanks so much for fitting us in last night. Your truly talented at what you do! Everyone was super friendly and fun!
Lacy Edmondson
Just moved back to town and I haven't even been here yet but I know it's the only place around I'll get ink done.
Lucky Kennedy
As someone terrified of needles i was nervous about getting my tat. Cale was awesome i will be going back to him again.
Amanda Coble-Welch
Lisa S.
2018-04-13 18:50:36
I have been waiting for years to summon the courage for my first tattoo. After seeing pictures of Sonya's work, I finally pulled the trigger. I wanted a...
Ashley K.
2017-11-03 15:11:36
Walked in last minute and had a lady artist take me on. First time ever having a woman tattoo me, and she was great. I got a small tattoo and then she...
Vincent D.
2017-09-04 09:30:24
Best shop around. Excellent interior and clean. You'll find the most talented artists here. All things nerdy and awesome. No other place I'll go.


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